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To meet our ambitions and objectives, the marketing team continuously learns and investigates about the needs and wants of our clients. They flex their creative muscle together, build strategies and uses a variety of tools to send the right message to potential clients on how Proxyclick is the right solution for them and position us in the market.

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Our pillars

✒️ Product marketing, Brand & Content

The PBC team is in charge of crafting the Proxyclick story that we tell to the world. And a shaper of who we are, what we do and how we are different and better.

🚀 Growth

The growth team is in charge of bringing the necessary pipeline that Proxyclick needs, and find creative ways to increase its revenue via different channels (outbound, inbound etc.)

Why should you join this team?


Being part of the marketing team at Proxyclick means constant growth. You get to learn many things, exercise your creativity and get industry knowledge. But, be part of a team that supports you and co-creates with you.

Ioana, Senior marketing and communications lead 

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Brussels, New York, Singapore and Remote

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