Enhancing your Multi-Tenant Lobby Experience

With a 24/7 support team and a service supporting both multi-location and multi-tenant properties, managing visitors in your portfolio is a breeze with Proxyclick


Increase building security

A digital visitor management system helps your security team to spot unexpected events and ensure your site security is at a high level

Boost property value

Stay at the forefront of tech innovation and offer a modern front-desk experience to your tenants and their visitors

Optimize reception area

With self check-in, automated notifications to hosts and integration to your access control system, welcoming visitors to your building is a seamless process

Access Control Integration

Seamless integration with your access control system

Proxyclick integrates with your ACS for an efficient and frictionless welcome experience: your visitors’ details are synced between the two platforms, with no need for manual input. What's more, the QR code shared in the visitors’ invitation email can serve as an access pass.


Keep staff, visitors and your building safe

Keep BOLOs out of your building with our watch lists and automated alerts to your security team when they arrive. 

In case of an emergency situation, you’ll be able to generate a list of all your on-site visitors, as well as sending them a text with evacuation instructions.

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Identify visitors in seconds

Proxyclick makes printing badges easy. As soon as visitors have checked in, a badge is printed with all the information you find useful to share: WiFi password, QR code for access, the host’s name and a validity period. Thanks to the badge editor, it’s easy to customize badges for every tenant.
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Generate insightful reports

You'll receive daily and monthly reports to help you spot trends, identify the tenant with the most visitors and optimize your reception area for the busiest moments of the day. This also helps you staff your reception more efficiently and potentially save on resources.

24h support

Contact us any time

Proxyclick in-house multilingual support teams are based in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific to help you round the clock via phone, email or chat. With a median response time below 10 minutes 24/7, we’re never far to help you with any issue.

Want to know more? 

Fill this form with your enquiry about Proxyclick for multi-tenant buildings, we'll be in contact shortly. 

Which Access Control Systems do you integrate with?

Visit our Marketplace to see the list of Access Control Systems we’re currently working with. If yours is not listed, please let us know.


Does each tenant get their own check in experience for their visitors?

Yes! Each tenant in the building can dictate how they want their visitors to be notified of their appointment and how the visitor flow works on the kiosk.


As a property manager or owner operator, can I see how many expected visitors are going to be in our lobby?

Yes. Whether you have one building or multiple buildings with our visitor management system, you are able to view current and future expected visits. This will help you appropriately staff your lobby during peak or down times.


Can I notify my visitors in case of emergency?

Absolutely. Using the dashboard to send a text to all visitors or using the app on the go, your visitors security is key.