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lobby experience

Optimize your resources with an easy-to-use and centralized employee and visitor management solution


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Leverage your existing access control systems to ensure security and memorable experiences for employees and visitors. That's exactly what the Brooklyn Navy Yard does to manage thousands of people every day.


Who we're helping


Technology Partners

Add Proxyclick to your portfolio of solutions for a complete experience.


Property Managers

Make data-driven decisions for your building and staff.


Owner Operators

Find the balance between security and experience in your offerings.



Manage your employees and visitors and
be notified when they arrive. 

How we're helping

We've seen it all when it comes to employee and visitor experience. Let our 24/7 support team help you figure out what works, and what doesn't.


Lobby experience

For a modern look and feel, fast check-in, and customized welcome screen with all your tenants' logos.

Driven by data

Identify your most active tenants, your busiest times of the day, and allocate your resources accordingly.

Property Manager view

Get a bird's eye view of your portfolio. Then group your tenants, generate emergency lists, and more.

Go paperless

Integrate your access control system to generate QR code access tokens inside invitation emails.

Keep BOLOs out

Screen visitors against your internal watch lists as well as external government-issued watch lists.


We've got you covered with facial recognition for identity verification, watchlists, and controlled access.

Separate tenants accounts

Tenants get to build their own workflows and check-in processes, and their data is protected.

Host notifications

Choose your preferred channel for check-in alerts: text message, Slack, email, Skype for Business, and more.

Real-time Dashboard

Know who's on your premises at all times with expected, checked-in, and checked-out visitors displayed.

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