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Ensure a VIP workplace experience without compromising on safety

Provide your employees and visitors with a top-notch workplace experience, while saving on costs. Implement health & safety screenings, touchless employee and visitor check-ins, badge printing, taxi booking, weather updates, wayfinding assistance, instant notifications, and everything in between with only a few clicks.


Manage people flows across your premises

Pre-register employees, contractors, and visitors to understand exactly who is expected on location, on any given day. 


Create a unique experience

Implement key proptech solutions for a seamless workplace experience, including automated contactless check-in, wayfinding, desk & meeting room booking, and much more.

Impress your visitors with a professional and memorable welcome to fit your brand. 

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Grant touchless access to your buildings

Visitors, employees, and contractors can check in using a unique QR code, and print their access badges automatically.

Combine with desk booking, meeting room booking, and wayfinding systems to guide visitors and employees in the building. Allow them access without the need to touch potentially contaminated surfaces.

(Learn more about our touchless check-in features here)


Boost efficiency

Reduce lobby lines and waiting times by sending all health and safety information and documents to sign in advance of arrival.

Alert hosts when visitors arrive and inform employees about package deliveries in real-time via Slack, email, text messages, and other notification tools.


Save time and increase productivity

Optimize resources by supporting your front desk staff during busy periods. Thanks to self-check-in features, individuals can easily take selfies and check themselves in on digital kiosks.

Allow your visitors, employees and contractors to access the most relevant information such as taxi points, restaurant guides, maps to key locations, or any of the other hundreds of things a guest in a hurry needs to know with only one click.


Personalize your welcome to fit the brand

Ensure a memorable first impression of your business as soon as people walk through the door. Welcome employees, contractors, and visitors with customized check-in screens that reflect your brand and culture.

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What do our customers say?

Now our customers have two options when they arrive – settle themselves at one of our self-check-in pods using Vgreet and Proxyclick, or liaise with receptionists. Preregistered visitors can use the QR code sent to them to scan and check in swiftly.

Angela Edwards
Site Delivery Consultant, Vodafone

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Important disclaimer: It is the customer’s responsibility to activate Proxyclick features only if permitted by the applicable laws of your location.

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