Proxyclick Flow: Return to work with confidence

A single solution to manage visitor, employee and contractor flows in compliance with global regulations. Proxyclick Flow unites access requirements, regulations, and systems

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The first people flow management platform
for the enterprise

Built on three pillars to support the visitor, employee, and contractor journey: the Flow Platform, Proxyclick Proovr app, and Flow Intelligence


Proxyclick Flow Platform:
Leverage the tools you already use

  • Uses a standardized API to streamline access and orchestrate complex workflows across underlying solutions
  • Built on a growing ecosystem of 30+ integrations, including leading access control systems, integrated workplace management systems, and employee health/wellness tools
  • Combine out-of-the-box integrations with the ability to easily connect to any existing system
  • Integrate with existing hardware or back-end tools for quicker time to value



million visits

Fortune 500 customers


Proxyclick Proovr App:
Access in your pocket

  • A seamless and intuitive app-based experience for employees
  • Ensure only symptomless, approved individuals are granted access
  • Empower employees to schedule attendance, book desks, and answer health screening questions before they arrive at the workplace
  • Grant access based on workflows that span multiple systems
How it works

Proxyclick Flow Intelligence:
Control and visibility in one place

  • Combine real-time, accurate, access-control data with real-time usage data from Proovr
  • Give administrators, leaders, and executives across HR, IT, and Security granular insights on occupancy, capacity management, and facilitate contact tracing 
  • Respect data privacy regulations

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