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Implement our Prepare - Prevent - Protect framework for a safe return to work

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Screen and educate your visitors before they arrive at your front desk

Screen visitors before they arrive

Send visitors a customizable health questionnaire in advance, and deny access to anyone who does not meet your health and safety criteria.

Instantly update questions to reflect changing internal, local, and international regulations.

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Share company-wide procedures and guidelines

Ensure visitors understand and follow on-site procedures by sending mandatory health and safety videos and images prior to their visit.

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See how Ford, Puratos, Tesla and others manage their visitors
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Minimize risks with a touchless check-in process and optimized people traffic

Implement a contactless check-in

Limit visitors' need to touch surfaces and interact face-to-face with your staff by granting guests access via a unique QR code. 

Visitors can scan the QR code at an access control system (ACS) or a touchless kiosk to gain entry.

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Integrate with existing apps to enforce new rules

Proxyclick integrates with your existing apps to facilitate social distancing, including wayfiding, meeting room management and more. 


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Strengthen health and safety processes

Reinforce on-site health and safety by customizing visitor profiles to include fields such as "temperature reading."



Facilitate contact tracing without sacrificing your data privacy policy

Keep an auditable log

In the event of an outbreak, quickly identify potential health risks with an easy-to-audit visitor log.

Proxyclick provides an accessible list of all visitors entering the building, and with whom they met.

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Comply with data privacy regulations

Automatically delete sensitive visitor data after a customized number of days, keeping in compliance with data privacy laws.

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What our customers are saying

Instead of just using a COVID-19 questionnaire, which is now in place for all visitors, we copied the whole check-in process into Proxyclick so that all responses, including temperature checks, are captured in the system.

Patrick Foong

CIO APAC, Sodexo

Proxyclick has been super helpful; I’m not sure what we would’ve done otherwise if we didn’t have a system that was that convenient and easy to use. It’s really been seamless in getting people into the Yard during COVID-19.

Marc A. Cecere

Director of Applications, Brooklyn Navy Yard

We're dealing with a combination of distribution centers, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and admin sites. We've been able to quickly change our visitor workflows and develop health and safety questionnaires, present them to management, and roll it out to all 34 sites.

Deborah Pangallo

AVP of Facility Safety, L'Oréal

We had to start asking visitors about their recent travel experience because of COVID-19 risks. I just assumed that this would be easy to do with Proxyclick, and it was. We were able to quickly add a few questions and gather this information from visitors.

Joe Willett

IT Services Relationship Manager, Webasto