Return Ready Virtual Summit

In September 2020, we held our first ever fully virtual event, featuring hundreds of global attendees who discussed their return to the office roadmaps. If you have missed it, the session recordings, covering topics from data privacy to workplace technologies, strategy, and design, are now at your disposal.

5 minutes

Opening remarks

Welcome and Return Ready Virtual Summit kick-off by Proxyclick's CEO and CMO, Gregory Blondeau and Harish Peri.

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60 minutes

Getting Return Ready

During the lockdown, we had to learn and adjust to new practices to protect ourselves and others from the risk of the spread of COVID-19. These new practices will be implemented in the workplace in correlation with authorities guidelines and continue to challenge the conventions of the workplace.

Our panelists have shared their experience on how they have tackled these challenges and exchanged on the best practices to keep your employees and visitors safe in the midst of a global pandemic.

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75 minutes

Data privacy in the COVID-19 era

Data privacy has long been front of mind, however, COVID-19 has brought about a new series of challenges.

Health screening and contact tracing for employees and visitors is now a common practice in many companies, resulting in the processing of sensitive information.

Watch this session to learn how to remain compliant in this unprecedented situation!

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45 minutes

COVID-19 - the catalyst to propel self-serve solutions

As businesses are reopening and returning employees onsite, new robust solutions have been developed to make this transition safely.

Access this session to discover how technology can reduce the contamination risks and ensure your visitors’ and employees’ safety.

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23 minutes

Prepare, Prevent, and Protect to ensure a Return Ready workplace

In today’s transforming work environment, having the all-in-one ability to track individuals entering your locations, comply with health regulations around essential occupants, and rely on accurate and secure data is not just a nice-to-have, but must-have. 

Do not miss this session showcasing how Proxyclick and its 3Ps framework can ensure your safe return to work and/ or your secure business continuity.

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57 minutes

Ask the experts: Guidelines on how to keep your people safe

Conversations around the coffee machine, packed meeting rooms, open plan offices… COVID-19 has changed the way we work.

Our panel of experts talked us through the practical changes businesses should make to prepare for the re-entry on their premises.

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25 minutes

HR at the heart of the Return Ready roadmap

Discussions surrounding the future of work and how it impacts HR professionals are not a novelty and have been on organizations’ agendas for the past years, but the current situation has changed the playing field. Today, HR leaders are working tirelessly, taking unprecedented measures to keep their employees safe while ensuring that their organizations survive. 

Our expert has shared his experience on how to tackle the challenges, and how the HR role has evolved and will continue to evolve during the current situation.

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53 minutes

Thinking ahead: The new world of office design and workplace experience

From new layouts to re-engineered furniture and staggered hours, the workplace of the future is being designed on the fly. As offices reopen, businesses will need to not only contrive the operational implications but also tackle employees’ anxiety.

Join our panelists to discover how to create the office of the future, able to cater for all employees’ essential needs.

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6 minutes

Closing remarks

Return Ready Virtual Summit wrap-up and announcement of where Proxyclick is heading next - unified management of all building people flow - by Proxyclick's CEO and CMO, Gregory Blondeau and Harish Peri.
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