Create tickets

If your employees see something that isn’t quite right in the building, they can create a ticket to inform your team. The ticket is a sort of to-do that can be checked off when the problem is fixed. Comments and pictures can be added and tasks can be prioritized.

Manage tasks

Team members can assign a ticket to a supplier, a handyman or a technician. Once the task is assigned to someone, the app helps you communicate directly with him/her via email or through systems integration.

Follow up

The ticket can be marked as blocked, transferred, resolved, or closed. This ensures that everyone concerned stays up-to-date. When the issue is taken care of, the ticket-creator can indicate her satisfaction with the way the problem was resolved.

Why use Service Desk?

Discuss it all in one place

With Service Desk, you can keep all discussions (with employees, team members, or external suppliers) in one place. Nothing gets lost. And information is shared.

Control who does what

As a facility manager you have a full overview of all incidents within your organization. You can assign certain tasks to specific people and follow up on them. That way, you know who’s doing what.

Never miss a deadline

Prioritize tasks and create customizable email alerts when necessary. For example, decide to be alerted if an incident is still not solved a day after the due date. With Service Desk, you can focus on the tasks that deserve it.

Collaborate with suppliers

With one application, collaborate directly with your suppliers and get them to collaborate amongst themselves. No need to learn every system that your suppliers suggest to use.

No setup costs

You can start using Service Desk within minutes. Nothing needs to be installed or downloaded.

Compile statistics

You can export all the data you want when you want to. And you can gain insight into your operations and your suppliers.

Report and follow up from your iPhone

Notice an issue, take a picture, and report it directly from your phone. Others receive a notification straightaway and you get notified when progress is made.

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