Roundtable: How the new employee experience will drive a safe, seamless workplace re-entry


Employees across industries want and need to return to a workplace outside of their homes, even as part of a hybrid work environment. But before they do, they’re requiring big changes.

Offices and facilities should not only be safer, adhering to pandemic-era health and safety protocols, but the whole experience of going to an office, facility, or coworking space must also be seamless and allow for increased worker flexibility.

This demand for a new and improved employee experience is driving organizations to make important decisions around the use of workspace. Company leaders, as well as landlords, must think beyond their pre-pandemic roles; their employees and tenants overall need to be more autonomous, to collaborate better, and to want to go back to a space that allows them to work safely and more effectively.

Meeting these needs requires organizations and landlords to implement the right workplace technologies right now, from flexible work-from-anywhere solutions to people flow management systems, and beyond.

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