An easier return to the workplace for employees and visitors

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Returning to the workplace is full of challenges, so we want to help you make it as smooth as possible for your people. 

  • That's why employees can now see who will be in the workplace after they've booked their visit. This will let them better plan their day and improve collaboration. 
  • We've also updated the keys interface in the Proovr app to make checking in even easier. For example, the last used key will be the one that opens by default, and a “Refresh” option will appear on expired keys. 
  • In addition, employees who don't have access because they didn't book their presence, will instantly be told why they can't get in.  

 On the visitor management side...

  • We've improved our Condeco Meeting Room Management integration, and now any changes made to meetings in that platform, such as time and date, host, or meeting room, will be automatically reflected in Proxyclick. No need to manually update anything.  
  • Finally, unexpected visitors will feel right at home as they can now select their preferred language as part of the touchless check-in flow. 

See them in action!


You can access these features today and if you have any questions use the Chat on your Proxyclick dashboard. 




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