How to customize the check-in process for your visitors: 6 examples

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How can you tailor the check-in process to your company’s unique visitor situation?

As usual, it's our customers who gave us the answer:

They kept telling us that they wanted their visitor management system to ask different questions to different visitors and only ask relevant questions to some guests. In other words, they wanted to welcome an important client differently to a candidate or a contractor.

So we developed the smart rules feature, with which our customers are now able to connect custom screens (questions, text or images) dependent on the answers of previous drop-down or yes/no questions. We’ve seen two main benefits:

  • Enhanced Security (by denying check-in if a wrong answer is given)
  • Enhanced Hospitality (e.g. tailored questions allowing personalization of visitor experience and a speedy check-in)


Smart rules connect custom screens depending on visitor's answers


We first introduced the smart rules earlier this year and are still absolutely blown away by the creative usage of the feature. 

Below are 6 real-life examples from our customers around the world and how they made use of these benefits depending on their unique needs.

1. Food Manufacturer

  • Industry: Food & Beverage
  • Objective: Health & Safety
  • Country: United Kingdom

Let us start with a simple flow. This food manufacturing company need to make sure all visitors respect strict Health & Safety regulations. A set of mandatory health-related questions are asked directly on the iPad check-in screen, replacing paper-based questionnaires that are traditionally used at food manufacturing sites. 


2. Tier 1 Automotive ‎parts manufacturer

  • Industry: Product Manufacturing 
  • Objective: Contractor Compliance
  • Country: Canada

Visitors of our Tier 1 Automotive parts manufacturer client are welcomed with a company specific welcome message before separating them during the check-in flow into general visitors and contractors. If contractors don’t have clearance, their check-in is simply denied.

Visitors skip that step of clearance confirmation and are then asked if they came by car. Only those who did are asked for their license plate, leading to a faster and smoother check-in.


3. Facility Management Service Company

  • Industry: Facility Management Services
  • Objective: Hospitality and Parking
  • Country: Thailand

This smart rule is a perfect example of transforming a check-in into a welcoming visitor experience.

Visitors who don’t arrive by car are not asked irrelevant questions about their license plate and can so check-in faster. 

The visitor is also asked about their favorite beverage and is presented with several choices. As you can see, the visitor can even choose their preferred temperature for the water. When the visitor arrives at the meeting, the chosen drink will be already waiting for them. A successful first impression! 



4. Engineering Consulting Firm

  • Industry: Consulting
  • Objective: Security
  • Country: United States

This security protocol makes a successful check-in dependent on the visitor’s citizenship. If the visitor is not a US citizen then access is denied.


5. Pharmaceutical Firm

  • Industry: Pharma Industry
  • Objective: Contractor Compliance
  • Country: United Kingdom

Another wonderful example of how visitors are only asked questions relevant to their visitor profile. Contractors are guided through a set of security related questions regarding their work, while visitors can enjoy a fast check-in without being slowed down by irrelevant questions.


6. Yacht Management South Florida, Inc.

  • Industry: Yacht Management 
  • Objective: Boat Maintenance
  • Country: United States

Yacht Management South Florida, Inc. differentiates between visitors who work and who don’t work on a boat. Non-working visitors automatically skip questions that are related to boat-workers only and can enjoy a fast check-in. Visitors working on a boat will be presented with a couple of security-related questions which, if answered incorrectly, lead to them being denied check-in if their boat or employee is not listed.

"Each day, more than one hundred clients, vendors, and employees come to our marina to visit or work on almost forty different boats. With Smart Flows, we are able to manage this activity in a way that protects the company, but does not bother or annoy visitors with unnecessary questions. It has taken our operation to the next level, not only in terms of security, but also in a higher degree of professionalism!", says Justin S. Fiorilli, Chief Legal Officer, Yacht Management South Florida, Inc.


Endless possibilities 

We introduced the Smart Flows feature just a few months ago and are already amazed by the creativity of our customers. The possibilities are endless, what we saw inspired us to write this blog article, they were just too good not be shared.

It made me once again realize how much we here at Proxyclick enjoy the process of learning and developing our features alongside our customers, together creating the perfect visitor journey.




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