The first Proptech marketplace: A red carpet affair

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We’d like to share a new company milestone.

Proxyclick’s mission to provide exceptional visitor experiences to millions of visitors around the world, reaches new heights today, as we launch the Proxyclick Marketplace; PropTech’s first ‘App Store’ dedicated to visitor experience, housing solutions and partners from many of the industry’s most esteemed providers.

From visitor management, meeting room management and access control, to parking management, employee apps and even humanoid robots, the work of our integration partners and intuitive solutions, means it’s never been easier to create your own personal VIP experience for visitors.

Make every visitor a VIP

Today, Proxyclick’s Marketplace is becoming a reality to deliver a fully Integrated Visitor Experience (IVE) whereby ‘smart technologies’ are utilized to deliver the white-glove treatment, making every visit to a building or premises memorable for the right reasons while keeping the building safe.

We are moving from the service economy to the experience economy. It is no longer enough to provide a good service to your visitors, you must deliver a memorable experience for it to have lasting value.

It’s not acceptable anymore to neglect visitors, whether that be a 20-minute wait in the corporate lobby or misspelling their name on their visitor badge.  

The IVE is about being prepared for your visitor so all the security administration (where possible) is invisible and everything that is visible, simply wows the visitor. Authorized expected visitors should be recognized upon arrival, and gates and barriers should automatically open, to ensure they feel welcome and relaxed.

Beyond visitor management

The volume of conversations we’re having with people around integration and personalized solution stacks is growing all the time. There’s a real market hunger for it.

It still amazes me that following a hundred years of paper logbooks sat on front desks, that customers now ask within weeks of migrating to an electronic solution, how they can exchange data with other systems. This progression from electronic, to truly data-rich solutions is really encouraging.

I remember a discussion with a senior consultant at MITIE, for Vodafone, a few years back. They needed to bring together three pieces of the visitor experience puzzle: parking, meeting rooms and visitors.

No solution could speak to another and setup was challenging. Salesforce AppExchange sparked in my mind - it just makes sense to have one place where these two problems could be solved at once: a one-stop-shop for solutions and partners.

Experts predicted it in 2012

Bessemer Venture Partners was spot-on back in 2012 with Law #3 of the 10 Laws of Cloud Computing, and couldn’t be more accurate today: best-of-breed meets PropTech.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 17.14.47

Take the smartphone; we’ve become entirely accustomed to downloading a multitude of apps to manage niche activities; from our to-do lists and document storage, to ordering taxis and take-out food.

And it’s the same for B2B. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, it’s the jigsaw puzzle approach, specialists in niche products are now collaborating to deliver best-of-breed solutions.

The PropTech world has taken longer to board the SaaS train, but it’s finally happening; the FM and real estate industry is innovating, and new blood millennials are poised to make it happen.

What’s next?

Long queues in reception, repeated requests for ID and security escorts through entry barriers can be jarring experiences and ones that in the future, IVE could negate for the 99 percent of ‘good people’ out there.

We are heading towards a future  whereby the combination of smart technologies and human expertise can deliver an ‘all gates open’ approach for validated visitors, whilst automatically blocking that one percent or less of ‘bad guys’.

Why is Proxyclick ideally positioned to deliver on that vision?

When visitors come for a meeting, they sometimes need a meeting room, a parking space or Wi-Fi access. Sometimes, the signed NDA needs to be saved for the legal department or they sometimes need an access card to go through the turnstile.

There is, however, always a visitor.

Until today, all these systems were working stand-alone, because one critical element was missing: digital visitor data, which Proxyclick delivers. It is the missing piece in the puzzle.

With presence in Europe, the US and  Asia, thousands of clients across the globe and a fast-growing team of dedicated people to serve large corporations, we are set to meet the IVE challenge.

It’s only the beginning, Team Proxyclick is eager to work with you to make every visit to your organisation a memorable experience.

Finally, if you wish to discover why and how to make the best use of Proxyclick Marketplace with contributions by Vodafone, Brooklyn Navy Yard, EMS, Paxton and more, we invite you to read our new white paper.


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