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Our new office ready to move into

Release 5.0 is now available and is a major improvement in our offering, at the same time we are moving from the product/market fit quest to the company building phase, and into our own new bigger offices. November 2015 is a big step forward in the Proxyclick journey!

Proxyclick 5.0

Geoffroy already introduced our November release by writing how we built the new software as if it was a person and why we took the decision to first launch a native iOS version of the 3rd version of our kiosk. In this article are more details of what you can expect from this new release.

As technology lovers it is of course always tempting to add the latest technology into our product, however, this is not always what customers are asking for. In selecting what features to include in 5.0 we have done as we always do: listen to our customers.

New call-to-action


  1. Smart Questions

You can now design your own flow of questions which can vary depending on the answer given by the visitor. As an example, Smart Questions are ideal to manage contractors differently from other visitors, use them to ask certification questions or make them sign a specific document.

View of the new flow editor including Smart Questions


  1. QR Code checkin

If security is important to you, QR codes can be used to make sure that pre-registered visitors are who they say they are. Send them a QR Code in advance that they can print, keep in their smartphone or even in their Apple Watch.

QR Code saved in Apple Wallet used on the iPad at check-in


  1. Customize standard kiosk text

Each company has its own identity and way of addressing its visitors. It is now possible to change text and align it with your company culture.

Add whatever text you'd like on the welcome screen (and other screens)


  1. Customize invitation to your visitors

When pre-registering a visitor employees can already tick a box to generate a beautiful email invitation which includes a map and contact details. We have improved the email design and extended this email with the possibility to add an attachment and some text. Health and safety instructions and practical information on how to enter the site can now be communicated in advance.

Designed to impress your visitors


We have also improved these key features:

  • Print badge using AirPrint (no PC needed)
  • Visitors' photos taken from the iPad front camera
  • Legal documents finger signed on the iPad and sent via email (also saved in the visit details)
  • Display different legal document for different types of visitors
  • Data will be stored on the iPad for quicker processing

If you wish to test the beta version of the iOS app I invite you to add your name to the list and we'll get in touch with you.

This release is a significant step in the life of our company. It is not by chance that we are moving into new offices at the same time.


Moving out: 4 steps to Epiphany

On Halloween we moved into a new office after more than 5 years at one of Brussels incubators. During that time we had increased office size four times. Our company and our team were getting too big for the place. As Geoffroy took the last picture we recalled all the steps we took in order to achieve product/market fit.

Last picture of our 'bootstrapping' office


In 2000, huge amounts of money were thrown at companies to build products for non-existing markets. Some of you might remember or just to give 2 names.

When I started Proxyclick I was determined to build a product that people wanted. We are big fans of Steve Blank's "4 steps to Epiphany" approach (also called Lean). We believe in it so much that we spent all those 'bootstrapping' years finding the right product and most importantly waiting for our market to be ready. I never cease to be amazed by how the same person finds your product useless one day and exceptional two years later.

Visitor Management was one of 6 SaaS Office Management modules we launched between 2010 and 2013. In 2014 we decided to focus on Visitor Management only because that's the one the market wanted.


Moving in: building a company

Now that we have built a product that our customers say they love we feel it's time to move to the next phase. We need a great working environment, a place where we can apply what we preach: hospitality!

People should feel at home when they are in the office so that they can be true to themselves. What we had in mind was a second home for all Proxyclick team members. Somewhere to work where you actually feel like working, somewhere to relax when you need relaxing.

Our IT Director Jean-Bernard viewing the ground floor last summer

We’ve yet to decorate and are still surrounded by packing boxes but this new place is a new start for Proxyclick. We are excited about continuing to develop a product that people love, while at the same time building a working environment that we love to be in. And of course, we’ll keep sharing our journey with you as we grow.


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