Impress your visitors right at check-in with a welcome email

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A few months ago, we interviewed 2 hospitality experts on how to improve your reception. Today, we are helping you improve on that experience once more by sending visitors a carefully crafted welcome email full of all the relevant information they need, right as they check in.

Next to that, we also redesigned the visitor profile: now you can easily find all past visits of a given visitor by viewing their history, right next to their profile info.

If you want to learn more about these two new features, read further.

Provide all the info your visitor may need during their visit with welcome emails

You can now send all your visitors an email directly upon checking in with important details they may need during (or after) their visit. You can think of relevant information such as:

  • Wi-Fi code, so they stay connected throughout the visit
  • Contact details of the host, particularly useful for busy or unmanned receptions
  • Recap of Health and Safety instructions, that they can browse through while waiting for their host
  • Reception phone number, if they forget anything valuable while on your premises
  • A copy of the Agreement / NDA they just signed, for safekeeping


With this new email, your visitors feel truly welcome. We truly hope this new feature further pushes the standards of visitor management, and makes it an even more welcoming experience.


Welcome email is available in all plans; head over here to learn how to set it up on your account.


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Easily track and find visits of returning visitors with visitor history

We’ve redesigned the visitor profile. It now includes the full history of the visitor past and planned visits. No need anymore to switch from day to day or run an export to find an old visit. With this new feature, you’ll find it in seconds.

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You can access the profile directly from the address book or from the details of a given visit.

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We hope these two new features will make your reception even more efficient and welcoming. We are already hard at work on our next release, with many more exciting improvements lined up. Stay tuned!


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