A better experience for kiosk and building logbook users

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This month’s product update shows that it’s the little things that really make a difference, and we’re rolling out several improvements to make your life easier.  

  • First up is the Building logbook search. Admins can now save time and enjoy a better experience when searching for individuals using the building logbook. This new feature lets you search for people directly from the building logbook, instead of having to drop down a level to individual visitor or employee logbooks. 

    This is a real boon for anyone who operates in a multi-tenant environment, where finding individuals isn’t always that straightforward.
Next, we’ve got an array of improvements that come together to make everything that bit smoother for kiosk users. 
  • You’ll be pleased to hear that activation codes are now pre-filled if one was used before, and if you enter your activation code in the settings your kiosk will load automatically on startup. No need to do that manually.  

  • We’ve also resized the display for iPad Pro users for a better experience...
  • ...and made several enhancements to improve general stability, so you can be sure you can always rely on your kiosk to greet and check-in people the way you want.  

See them in action!


You can access these features today and if you have any questions use the Chat on your Proxyclick dashboard. 




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