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You might think that a simple invitation email is something from a bygone era—what with things like smartphones, cloud-based calendars, and the iWatch. I've heard some even say that an invitation email isn't even worth thinking about (let alone investing time in).

Well, I disagree.

And the team here at Proxyclick will back me up on this.

Because the fact is, invitation emails still have an important place in the business world. When used effectively, they can be vital tools in building a solid foundation and outreach effort. And when fully integrated into your visitor management system, they can help get your business meetings or events off to the right start.

The fact is, invitation emails still have their place in the business world.

There's a strategy to crafting the perfect invitation email

Email invitations help set the overall tone of an upcoming meeting or event.

They give off a certain vibe that your invitees can feel from miles away so they can prepare for their inevitable face-to-face encounter with you. In fact, face-to-face meetings aren't going away anytime soon.invitation_email_statsResearch from Verizon Business shows a whopping 11 million face-to-face business meetings happening across America every day.

Every. Day.

So when you're calling this get-together that's ultimately serving your purposes, every detail matters. Having a strategy for those details, in a sense, sets the agenda both directly or indirectly. And it builds anticipation for the actual face-to-face meeting.

You’re pouring the foundation for what’s to come.

So let's discuss some reasons why the importance of invitation emails should never be underestimated:

  1. Everyone is busy
  2. Technology can be of great help
  3. It's the era of personalization
  4. Make a splash (for your brand)

Because invitation emails serve a purpose greater than just administrative minutiae.

It streamlines the “day of” preliminaries...

1. Everyone is busy

The first reason to keep the good old invitation email in your toolbox is the most prosaic one: Everyone is busy.

It's an actual phenomena.

As economies grow, and the incomes of the better-off have risen over time, time has literally become more valuable: any given hour is worth more, so we experience more pressure to squeeze in more work.— Oliver Burkeman, Why you feel busy all the time (when you’re actually not), BBC

So if you’re planning an event or a meeting, then crafting a great invitation email is about making thing easy for your (potential) future business partner or new employee. This should include all the information they need to prepare them for your meeting.


Even the smallest gesture of providing them reading material or a map of your location will get the budding relationship off to a smooth and professional start.

Your potential guests will feel welcome from the get-go because of the personal touches.

2. Technology can be of great help

It might all start with the process of getting your visitors to your premises, but even before they get to you, having a cloud-based visitor management system can help them check in with ease. 

When personalized touches can be integrated into an email email invitation, you can start off on the right foot in your dance towards business goals by presenting a professional front.

proxyclick invitation-email

Some of these helpful touches come in many forms:

  • the best transportation options to your location from theirs (with links, maps, and notices of any construction issues
  • document attachments
  • contact info, and
  • other information can be forwarded. 

Even by eliminating the need to fill out forms when they arrive, you can cut tremendous amounts of time and stress from the visitor experience.

And yes, that's a QR code you see up there in the example of a Proxyclick invitation email. Ask us all about it!

Calendar integrations to the rescue

We all know not everyone is great at managing their own calendar and logistics. You might be that person. Maybe that's me.

But we don't pass judgments here at Proxyclick. Instead, we just try to make everyone's lives easier. That's why we built you a calendar integration!

invitation_email_calendar_integrationThere's even an Outlook Add-in integration for those of you taking your business to the next level and pre-registering your visitors into Proxyclick directly from your Outlook calendar.

I know it's been a time-saver for me many a times.

Oulook_Add_InAnd this is what we mean by technology being of great help in helping people connect with confidence.

When personalized touches can be integrated into an email email invitation, you can start off on the right foot in your dance towards business goals by presenting a professional front.

3. It's the era of personalization

I'm not a fan of throwing around the term "millennials" or even "Gen X-Y-Z" for that matter, but I am a fan of the fact that we live in a world where personalizing our outreach is now the norm.

So whether you’re planning a huge event or a meeting with a few core participants (or potential investors!), invitation emails allow you to personalize your messaging.

When you use Proxyclick, for example, you can customize your invitation text for everyone you touch.

It's your opportunity to show them you've done your homework and they're not just a number in your day-to-day (we know there are a lot of numbers between 0 and 11 million). This is especially true if it's returning visitors you've been building relationships with. 

I know our team is proud to be a part of millions of relationships being formed all over the world:



So believe me when I say that the email invitation not only makes you stand out as a business that is efficient and easy to work with, but it also makes the check-in process on the “day of” faster—not to mention more pleasant for everyone involved. 

Now, that makes a good impression.

How many times have you walked away from a meeting business feeling good about how it started "from the start?"

That's powerful stuff, and very possible with Proxyclick.

4. Make a splash (for your brand)

We take design and branding very seriously.

There's even a whole story about our thought process and methodology in redesigning our notification emails. And it started with one piece of feedback from a client:

“It would be great if your notification email looked beautiful as your new website”

Yes, we're pretty proud of our website, but we're even prouder of the fact that we can help your organization impress your visitors and showcase your branding.

We design for people first so that streamlining your front desk, securing your premises, and meeting your compliance objectives are the cherries on top of your visitor management sundae.

With that in mind, we know that there's only one chance to make a great first impression. And that's why invitation emails are still worth utilizing. We've seen it first-hand.

So we're ready and able to help you craft beautiful, information-laden invitation emails to help you transform the way you welcome your visitors.


Would you like to see what one looks like right in your inbox?

You can go here and enter your email address to see exactly what an email invitation looks like when you use Proxyclick!




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