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As we adapt to a hybrid world of work it's important to have the tools you need to create safe and welcoming flows for your employees, visitors, and contractors. 

That's why we take your feedback and use it to keep improving Proxyclick. 

  • You can now mask contact information on kiosk screens to ensure a higher level of security and privacy. When enabled, this new setting hides visitor information, for example, an email address or phone number, when it is displayed on a kiosk. This means returning visitors can still verify their details, without them being exposed. 

  • Another new feature lets visitors take their photos as part of a touchless check-in flow. They can be prompted to do this using their smartphone, and the photo will then appear in the logbook and can be used on badges for extra security.

  • And finally, to make life easier for admins, machine-generated translations can now be instantly generated for labels in the 'Texts & translations' menu. This will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to configure flows in multiple languages.  

See them in action!



You can access these features today and if you have any questions use the Chat on your Proxyclick dashboard!




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