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Visitor check-in queues and a frustrating manual process

KFC and Pizza Hut are two of the world's leading fast-food chains, serving millions of customers each day. The workplace setting is an extension of their brand, so it is a priority for KFC and Pizza Hut to ensure the corporate visitor experience reflected that of their quick service restaurant.

In Singapore, both iconic brands share an office building and welcome hundreds of visitors each day. The manual visitor check-in process didn’t mirror the expected experience, so precious meeting time was jeopardized.

To add an extra layer of complexity, any solution brought in needed to not only create a more efficient and professional process, but also enforce health and safety regulations. With the volume and frequency of visitors expected to increase, KFC and Pizza Hut knew they needed to find a solution to optimize for the guest experience.

"Before we had Proxyclick, [visitor management] was all manual. It was tedious for our receptionist to register visitors, find out who their host is, and which brand they were visiting. That caused congestion at our front desk."

Alex Lim, Workplace, KFC and Pizza Hut


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A more efficient, automated front desk  

Today, Proxyclick has automated much of the visitor management process. This has significantly reduced congestion at the front desk and ensures compliance with local data privacy regulations.

“It is our priority for employees to grow with us in the company. Our receptionist has been promoted to help our office administration and she is loving it! Visitors are impressed with how smart our front desk is."
Alex Lim

How it works

Once a visitor is pre-registered by the host, they are able to check-in at the kiosk. They can do this using the QR code in their invitation email, which provides a user-friendly and touchless experience. 

When a QR code is scanned, an SMS and email notification are sent to the host, letting them know their visitor has arrived. All records are tracked and updated in real-time and are easily accessible for the IT, Security, and Workplace teams.

This ensures a simple, seamless, and convenient check-in process, as well as a high standard of security. 


On-site security

The visitor management experience at KFC and Pizza Hut now strikes the perfect balance between providing a smoother journey for visitors and enhancing security at the site.

“Proxyclick was able to solve all the challenges we had. It's user-friendly, and you don't need a lot of time to train someone to use it.”

Alex Lim

"The watchlist is one of our favorite features. It helps to notify our security team if someone from the watchlist tried to check in, whether it is a VIP or an unwanted guest."

Complying with rules and regulations 

"As an essential business, some of us are allowed to go to the office with the local government exception, and should they need to track who is on-site, on which day, we are able to draw up a report quickly for audit purposes."

"This makes sure that we comply with our local authorities and compliance."


Keeping everyone safe in the middle of a pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic meant Alex needed a smart and customizable solution that would fit the KFC and Pizza Hut office's needs.

Key concerns included keeping track of visitor records, abiding by the Personal Data Privacy Act, and providing a safe and contactless experience for anyone who enters the office.

"Proxyclick has proved to be an immediate advantage for the brand's on-premises management of the COVID-19 outbreak. It was a huge help for us to mitigate risk at the workplace through pre-arrival and on-site health questionnaires and smart workflows."

Alex Lim

KFC and Pizza Hut introduced the #1 G2-rated visitor management system to elevate the guest experience. With security standards, health and safety requirements, and the objective to make a frictionless visitor experience a reality, KFC and Pizza Hut turned to Proxyclick, joining thousands of leading companies. Ready to take your visitor experience to the next level? Get started today.

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