Front desk safety & security:
Reinforce your health & safety procedures

How can a smart visitor management system help you minimize health and safety risks and boost efficiency at the front desk

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Quick crisis response

Proxyclick can be set up in minutes and is highly customizable to fit any situation you're facing. 


Efficient pre-screening

Send your health & safety policies and entry restrictions to visitors ahead of time.


Faster screenings

Cut down waiting times and human error with efficient digital check-ins at your front desk. 

Helping organizations strengthen their front desk security & safety processes all around the world 

Grant or deny access to visitors

Ask the right questions to the right people. The flow of questions will change according to each visitor type and their answers thanks to Smart Rules.


Share important safety instructions

Communicate safety rules during the front desk check-in process. Add images, safety instructions, a quiz, and more. 

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Display key information

Use visitors' badges to show details (e.g. name of the host, date of the visit). In case of a health epidemic or outbreak, clearly mark data such as body temperature. 



Contact all on-site visitors quickly

During evacuation procedures, there's no time to lose. Contact all your on-site visitors by text message, in one click, from the Dashboard. 
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Export visitors' data

In times of health crises, you might have to contact all the people that visited your premises over a certain period of time. From the Dashboard, it only takes a few clicks to export a list of email addresses, making your task a little easier.


Pass audits and inspections

Present proof of your health and safety measures on-premises (e.g. temperature screenings, health questionnaires, and emergency lists) during crises.


Store data easily

Keep and retrieve important documents such as Office Travel Declarations or NDAs in the cloud using integrations with Box, Dropbox, Egnyte, OneDrive, and Google Drive. 


We can help step up your health & safety at the front desk

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