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Did you hear? Proxyclick was acquired by the #1 workspace management suite, Condeco. The Proxyclick Guest Experience is now complemented by a seamless integration with Condeco’s desk booking, meeting room management, office occupancy, space planning and hybrid work solution. Together, we’re redefining how tomorrow will work.

“Across the globe, almost 40% of the workforce was forced to shift to remote ways of working almost overnight, while the remaining 60% continued to adapt and find new, safer ways to do their jobs. Now we know that, for most, there will be no return to the business models of 2019." - Holly Muscolino, Research Vice-President for Future of Work at IDC 


If like me, in the past year you've spent far more time working remotely than at your workplace, then the quote above shouldn't come as a surprise.  

Companies across the globe have been facing new challenges, and while a hybrid way of working was becoming more common anyway, COVID-19 greatly accelerated the process. 

This shift has driven huge benefits for companies. On top of the positive impact a more flexible way of working has on people and productivity, many businesses have made huge cost savings. 

Salesforce, Facebook, Google, and Amazonare just a few of those which have embraced hybrid working and stand to make significant real estate savings. But it's not just tech companies, the European Commission, for example, is considering downsizing its floor space and expecting to save between 280 and 440 million euros. 

Of course, moving to a hybrid model isn't just a case of terminating your lease and telling your employees to work elsewhere. The workplace still plays a vital role and people can't wait to come back! The key is striking the right balance between empowering your people with flexible, self-serve options, and keeping your flows safe and compliant. 

Our new Desk booking feature does just that  



Imagine an end-to-end solution that delivers the safety and flexibility your employees need to return. Well, Proxyclick already provided health questionnaires, access control integrations, and touchless check-in functionality, but now with Desk booking, you get a full end-to-end experience.

It lets companies divide workplaces into spaces, and allocate a set desk capacity to each. That means employees can book desks for themselves, and see which of their colleagues are in the same space. So, if I want to see my colleagues Ioana, or Henry I can simply book a desk in the same space on the same day. This is also great for contact tracing, as you have a really accurate picture of who was in the same vicinity. 

And to quote Yazz, our office manager; “The digital map is a lifesaver – I don’t have people coming up to me every five minutes to ask where their desk is. Everyone is pretty much self-sufficient. The feature also works with capacity controls, so your building will never be too full, social distancing is respected, and you have a real-time overview thanks to the logbook.  

You can find out more here.

What else did we ship in the last 30 days? 

  • Pull kiosk logs remotely. This feature provides an easier, more flexible, and efficient way to troubleshoot issues with Proxyclick. Users no longer need physical access to the kiosk to send kiosk logs and can do so from the dashboard. 
  • Location-based notifications for access keys. Employees now enjoy quicker and smoother arrivals thanks to a location-based notification, that links to their digital access key. As soon as they set foot in your pre-defined check-in area, a notification pops up that takes them straight to their building keys. No need to root around and find them yourself. 

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