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Data privacy in relation to employees has always been a contentious issue, but arguably never more so than now.

While the pandemic saw many working remotely, that is slowly changing as workplaces begin to reopen across the globe. For many companies, this means striking a balance between health and safety obligations, and their employees’ employment and data privacy rights.

At Proxyclick, respect for personal data has always been part of our DNA and is one of the pillars that makes us unique in our space.

We have a full ISAE 3000 Type II Privacy Attestation. That means we comply with industry-leading data privacy practices, and you have the peace of mind that our solution is compliant and respectful of your information.

With that said, many companies rightfully want to know exactly what Proxyclick does and does not do with employee data. This post should address those questions.

So what data gets collected?

Nothing is shared with third parties and data is held on secure servers and can only be accessed by authorized administrators within your company. 

So, what can the Proxyclick administrators at a company see?


  • What days an employee is, will be, and was at the workplace, and which desk they booked (if using Desk booking). This information is used to contact everyone present in case of an emergency, or contact tracing if someone falls ill.
  • Employee profiles. This contains information the company already has such as your contact details.

What about Location-based data?


If you enable Proxyclick's Location-based check-in feature, you can rest assured that no data is shared from your employees’ phones with Proxyclick, your company, or anyone else. 


The feature is designed to provide an easy check-in experience. Nothing more, nothing less. All processing happens on the employee’s phone. The only information that appears in Proxyclick, and is available to the company, is whether the employee has checked-in, or out. 


Data privacy in the future 


Looking towards the future there is no doubt that many new challenges will emerge. Will employers be able to ask staff for vaccine certificates? What about visitors, and contractors? There is a different level of trust there, so check-in flows will have to be different.


Whatever challenges are on the horizon you can rest assured Proxyclick will always put respect for people’s data at the center of our solution.

If you have any questions about our data privacy policy or any of the features above, we would love to hear from you. Please reach out to our Customer Success team at Support@proxyclick.com.



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