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We have recently added extensive improvements that make life easier for the users of our apps and visitors alike, including a revamp of our Group feature and the ability to send unique Wi-Fi codes to visitors. Let's have a closer look!  

In the freshly rolled-out release we’re introducing:

  • Improved Group feature - we redesigned the group feature to save you a lot more time when you need to manage large groups of visitors, from invitation to check-out;
  • Wi-Fi integrations - Proxyclick now works seamlessly with Wi-Fi systems such as Cisco, Aruba and Aerohive to offer visitors unique access codes that are shared instantly upon check-in and expire upon check-out.

We’ve also added a number of smaller improvements, among other things SSO-friendly activation of kiosks and an addition to our Slack integration.

Group feature revamped

Being able to manage group visits has always been an important feature of the Proxyclick Dashboard as many users appreciate the ability to create a group of visitors in one single operation. Typical examples include events, company tours or large meetings.

Even if the feature worked well, we felt it could work better, especially in complex situations like the import of very large Excel files or processes that require many custom fields (eg. type of visitor, access authorized, ID verified, eats on location …).

This is why we invested significant time redesigning the feature from the ground up. We discussed with hundreds of receptionists, assistants, security guards, regular hosts and incorporated their feedback.


The new, streamlined way of creating large groups in the Dashboard (detail)


Here are the main improvements we’ve added to the Group feature:

  1. Easier access and creation of group visit entries
  2. Redesigned Excel upload wizard - we adapt to your file and not vice versa
  3. Streamlined duplication of groups
  4. Smarter filling of custom fields
  5. 'Apply to all' button
  6. Keyboard-friendly UX
  7. Matching group visitors with the address book
  8. Ability to tailor notification preferences
  9. Quick access and editing of existing groups

You can read more about the 9 improvements we made —and how to make the most of them, including screenshots— in the related help article.

Wi-Fi integrations

Before this release, you were already able to share the Wi-Fi access with your visitors in 2 ways:

  1. Via the visitor badge
  2. Via the welcome email

However, these methods only shared the common Wi-Fi credentials and weren’t aligned with the best practices for security.

We’ve made the process of sharing Wi-Fi access more secure by enabling integration with major systems: Cisco, Aruba, Aerohive.

As a result, now you can easily send unique and temporary Wi-Fi access codes to your visitors via text messages.

Getting the wi-fi code via iPhone

The process has 2 steps:

  1. Visitors fill in their phone number on the iPad
  2. Their personal code is sent via SMS, ready to use

This means that on the one hand, your IT department is happy as the advanced infrastructure is being used the way it was intended.

On the other hand, the visitor, reception and the host are happy as they don’t waste time on technical details: the messy process of requesting the Wi-Fi code from the IT, printing it on paper, handing it over to the visitors… that normally results in unnecessary disruption.

Now everyone can focus more on their main objective: carrying out a successful meeting.

You don’t even need to worry about 24 hour expiration cycles anymore: after the visitor checks out, the code immediately expires.

Read about the new Wi-Fi Integration in more detail and how to set it up here.

New public Slack channel and Welcome app improvements 

Last but not least, we’ve added more utility to our useful Slack integration: now you can create a public channel that will show all check-ins/check-outs for the company. All you need to do is invite Proxyclick to the channel - more on how to do that in this help article.

Our Welcome app also received a number of smaller improvements as part of our latest release.

new public Slack channel for check-ins and check-outs

These include now being able to activate your kiosk with a unique code versus username and password (perfect if you're using SSO or if kiosks are activated by staff without admin rights); faster printing of badges; and a number of smaller touch-ups.


Which one of these improvements will make the most difference to you and your organization? What would you like to see in the future releases?

We are continuously at work on further improvements to our suite of apps, so don’t forget to check back often. And don’t hesitate to sound off via comments below or email us with questions, ideas and remarks at


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