The secret to great visitor management: People management

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While perhaps "visitor management" doesn't seem like the most exciting topic at first, it is - in fact - an industry and discipline that is all about meaningful interactions. At the end of the day, it’s all about people, greeting them warmly and making them feel welcome from the moment they step into your reception area.

The prioritization of client and visitor needs, and an eagerness to build the future of work are part and parcel of successful visitor management.

A great first impression

A visit to your company is a glimpse of what it would be like to work with your company in the long run. It’s a window into the inner workings of your company as well as an opportunity to showcase your unique company culture to outside parties. To ensure that this glimpse really counts and the visitor’s experience is elevated, first impressions are everything.

Stakeholders form their first impression of your corporation in the lobby. One crucial thing to remember is that all stakeholders are created equal; primary investors, major clients, essential vendors, support service associates, hurried delivery men, timid company employees, industry (even competitive) colleagues, and suspicious government officials are all equally important to your company's mission.

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When they walk through your lobby’s main entrance they must immediately be made to feel that they are not only invited to be there, but belong there because they have a real stake in the outcomes of your company. Each, in their own way, is essential to your company’s ultimate mission and the first impression made in your reception area is indelible.

At Proxyclick, we strongly believe that no valued stakeholder should ever be kept waiting, not even for a minute! Keeping a stakeholder waiting for even a few minutes sends a negative message about the stakeholder’s value to his host and your company.

One of the first steps towards creating great first impressions is to retire the paper logbook altogether, and streamline the visitor journey. We have designed customizable and intuitive web-based software that manages visitors to your offices, from invitation to sign-out.

Technology is important, but people even more

If you want to make a great first impression, you need the right tools. With a fully-fledged visitor management system, you can not only create a great first impression, but also build richer professional relationships and have better, more productive meetings. But, when you’re choosing the right solution, it’s important to take into account another characteristic, whether the solution also takes people into account.

At Proxyclick, we are proud to say we are a people company - not (just) a technology company. We believe a good system is built around the needs of your team, so that our technology is an enhancement - not a burden.

The right visitor management system goes beyond updating the visitor experience or providing a secure check-in. By putting people at the center of what we do, the optimal VSM offers tools that are humanized and personalized. It is beautiful, easy to use, intuitive and non-intrusive. In fact, the less you notice it, the better.

Security first

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We understand the importance of keeping your data close and secure. Until 2015, the Safe Harbour Privacy Principles were the legal basis for personal data pertaining to European citizens handled by US companies. They ensured such data would not fall under the disclosing agreements that bind US companies. Deemed invalid by the European Court of Justice, those principles have now been replaced by the Privacy Shield.

Regardless of this new regulation, European companies became increasingly concerned of their data whereabouts. As privacy plays a bigger role in the global landscape, customers want to be assured their data always stay in safe hands.

Proxyclick is a European company taking pride in hosting its customers' data on European soil. Learn more on what that entails exactly.

An eye on the future

The traditional workplace is changing. For many, having a set workplace at all is a thing of the past. These mobile workers set their own pace, take inspiration from their surroundings, and meet new and interesting people. While so far the majority of digital nomads have been freelancers, the trend has caught on among many small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as certain units of much larger companies.

As a location-flexible company, we understand where the future of the workplace is headed - not only with a more flexible workforce, but also in physical design with new sleek, high-tech designs, open collaborative spaces and locations worldwide. Our platform is built with the future of work in mind, with easily adaptable systems for multiple locations and the flexibility and cloud computing capabilities your modern team requires.

Well-done visitor management systems optimize the millions of connections people are making every day in the corporate world. After all, as we like to reiterate, business meetings are people meetings too.

We are constantly developing new ideas and listening to our clients and visitors in order to make improvements and increase the people-focused character of our software. What are some additional people-centric features you would like to see in future versions of Proxyclick?


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