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Proxyclick Condeco Vpod partnership

In the wake of the global health crisis, more and more companies are adopting cloud-based and SaaS technologies as a means to support daily operations in as close to a “normal” way as possible.

A worldwide study in June found that 91% of IT leaders surveyed had shifted to cloud operations as a means of adapting to more employees working in alternative situations or completely offsite, with 52-55% increases in remote collaboration tools and video conferencing software. The same is true for SaaS, with companies such as Zoom and Crowdstrike reporting earnings up 169% year over year

One thing is for certain: the digital transformation of the workplace is showing no signs of slowing down. And as some businesses move to re-open their offices to some or all employees, beginning on-site meetings with clients and contractors once again, the dependence on robust digital solutions is only accelerating.

These 3 solutions power better people flow management in this new world of work

The changing workplace requires innovative, collaborative solutions that prioritize safety and security - without compromising on smoothness, efficiency, a warm welcome, and a great system for people flow management.

A recent partnership between Vpod and Condeco, supported by Proxyclick’s visitor management solution, is a prime example of this type of much-needed tech synergy.


Condeco is a world leader in smart workplace scheduling technologies. With offices across four continents, and millions of users worldwide, Condeco has become the go-to for corporate meeting room scheduling, desk booking, and all aspects of workplace management, including recording workplace usage, enabling contact tracing, and even facilitating cleaning after desks are utilized.

Their meeting booking software allows seamless integration with calendars such as Outlook, video-meeting software, and reservation tools, and allows on-the-go scheduling and adjustment via smartphone. Their software supports all incoming room booking requests, including both pre-scheduled meetings and walk-ins, accommodating just about any type of interaction with a visitor to corporate premises.

Vpod Solutions

VPod offers unique visitor management solutions with a focus on video banking, telehealth, and retail transformation. Using their proprietary Vgreet, visitors can securely check into a meeting on a business’s premises (the system can be optimized to use facial recognition, voice technology, or even thermal imaging). They are then guided to their destination via dynamic wayfinder technology and meeting room location features.

If lost on the premises or in any unsafe situation, visitors can access help directly from their smartphones with the push of button. Upon departure, they use Vgreet features to hail taxis, access maps and other local transportation options, find local restaurants (or learn what’s being served in the building’s canteen, when open), and even check the weather forecast. 

Proxyclick x Condeco x Vpod

The collaboration between Vpod’s Vgreet and Condeco’s room booking technology is enabled through a robust visitor management solution that supports and controls people flow - and that is where Proxyclick comes in, as a bridge between these two innovative technology companies.

Vpod and Condeco rely on Proxyclick’s visitor management system to pre-register all visitors, send fully customizable invitation emails (which may include health pre-screening questions, Wi-Fi access, or other special instructions), and provide a touchless QR code that can be used to print a visitor badge and then scan at permitted access points throughout the building. 

So how do Vpod, Condeco, and Proxyclick work in tandem? The process goes like this: 

  1. A meeting host schedules a meeting and books a room, using Condeco’s software. This allows them to account for space availability, building occupancy limits, and technology support needs (video conferencing capability, etc.), avoiding any potential conflicts.
  2. Once booked, the meeting information, including time and location, is immediately pushed to Proxyclick.
  3. The invited guests show up in Proxyclick’s electronic logbook, having been pre-registered, and instantly receive a personalized invitation with health & safety guidelines, relevant instructions, room location, and meeting details. 
  4. When the visitor arrives on company premises, they scan their QR code (received from Proxyclick in the invitation email) at the Vgreet. 
  5. The visitor receives a printout badge, as well as step-by-step directions through the building (delivered via smartphone) to enable them to get to their intended destination. 
  6. Simultaneously, Proxyclick’s visitor management tool alerts the host that the visitor has arrived and checked in. 
  7. As the visitor makes their way to the host (a process that may take a few minutes, given the size of some office buildings), they can access live help on their phone through Vgreet’s technology should they become lost or disoriented. 
  8. After the meeting is complete, Vgreet facilitates an easy and friendly departure from the location, allowing the visitor to locate taxis, public transportation, restaurants, or simply access maps of the area to get to their next location.
Throughout the process, Proxyclick’s visitor management system keeps records of who is in the building, when, and with whom they’ve been interacting to facilitate speedy contact tracing should the need arise. 

Moving toward a safer workplace for all

The collaboration between Vpod, Condeco, and Proxyclick is yet another example of integrated technologies being used to make the workplace safer during the global health crisis.

The partnership serves several functions, including:

  • eliminating unnecessary face-to-face contact with staff at entry or when visitors are navigating the building,
  • ensuring that only pre-screened visitors are allowed on the premises,
  • blocking access for anyone who is not permitted entry, and,
  • keeping tabs on how many people are in any location at a given time.

All of these are important functions for maintaining health and safety during the current environment, and from a security standpoint in general.

At the same time, the partnership allows remarkable personalization and convenience. Expected visitors receive personalized instructions, with all information readily available on their smartphones throughout the visit, and have no trouble navigating in and out of the building and getting to their meetings on time and hassle-free.

The Vpod - Condeco - Proxyclick partnership creates a great impression for any new or returning visitors to the company premises.

Looking ahead

Alongside this integrated set of solutions for visitors, Proxyclick has rolled out our new features for employees, using some of the staple functions - employee check-in using a QR code, health screening questionnaires, on-site desk management and room booking solutions to align with occupancy limits, and functions for contact tracing - all with easy real-time management and control (without compromising on data privacy). 

We're here to meet the challenge of welcoming back employees as well as visitors and contractors, providing smooth people flow management across all company locations.

Want to learn more about Proxyclick's latest features, and how we integrate with partners like Condeco and Vpod? Book a demo with one of our experts now.

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