Update to Proxyclick's terms & conditions

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Proxyclick is now part of Condeco and that means that Proxyclick and Condeco users will now benefit from the same Terms of Service.  

Following this change, you will see that our Terms and Conditions page has been updated with brand-new Terms of Service as well as a new Service Schedule (former SLA). These will offer you not only the same minimum rights and warranties that the former Terms and conditions offered but overall shorter, simplified terms as well as a more extended protection in several areas.  

Here's what has changed: 

  • Clarified and updated terms overall, 
  • Reciprocal and simplified termination modalities, 
  • Updated and simplified indemnity modalities, 
  • Special liability cap regarding personal data obligations;  

As part of the integration with Condeco, please note as well that customer information may be communicated with the affiliate companies of the Condeco Group in full compliance with the GDPR and our privacy policy. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any questions or objection at support@proxyclick.com. 

By continuing to use Proxyclick, you acknowledge you have read and agreed to the updated Terms of Service. 

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