Option to add a delivery icon on the home screen. Hosts and/or front desk are notified upon delivery. 

Kiosk settings

We've just redesigned the navigation of the kiosk settings to make it more intuitive and easier to use. (November 2016).

Real time updates pushed from dashboard to Welcome


Preregistered visitors, settings and check-out list are transferred to Welcome as soon as changes are made on dashboard (June 2016).

Japanese and Thai

Two new languages added: Japanese and Thai, bringing the total up to 18 languages (March 2016).

Printing multiple entrances


Ability to print from multiple iPads to multiple printers (March 2016).

New fields


Two new standard fields added (March 2016):

  • Ability to capture mobile number of visitor (format validated)
  • Ability to capture visit duration (to have correct check out times) 

Increased screen customization

New customization elements added (February 2016):
  • Custom background image can be blurred and/or darkened
  • Home screen text can be white or black
  • Most generic text customizable on all screens
  • Custom field translations