Creating a safe and future-proof workplace for your employees

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It’s been a while since I was last going into the office every day, and I miss it. 

I miss the variety that going to the office gave me. 

I miss hearing about discovery work from our product team, new use cases from customer success, and beating the sales team when we played football!

But, I also appreciate the flexibility working remotely gives me. 

I like being able to pick up my daughter at school and get an ice cream together on the way back. I like not having to commute at the same time as everyone else, and it’ll be a long time before you see me on a crowded subway again!

Moving forward with a hybrid working model

What I don’t want, and what less than one in five executives want, is to return to the office as it was pre-pandemic. 

I want a hybrid model that lets me have the best of both worlds. 

And for companies giving employees that flexibility, without sacrificing security, data privacy, or efficiency is a challenge. 

Thankfully Proxyclick has developed a solution.

Uncertainty requires flexibility

Following a successful beta program, our Employee features are ready to help you deliver a future-proof workplace. 

Our new solutions mean you can:

Empower your employees to visit the workplace

You can do this with the Proxyclick Proovr app, which employees can use to book visits, desks, and store digital access keys, as well as enable location-based check-in.

Alternatively, you can also manually check them in the lobby using the employee logbook.


Stay in control

Benefit from a real-time overview of employees, contractors, and visitors across your locations, in addition to an Emergency list with everyone on-site. This means you can contact them all if something goes wrong.

Employee logbook

Strict occupancy controls make sure your workplace is never too full and social distancing is always possible. Stop anyone booking when you reach capacity and get alerted whenever a location is full. 

occupancy henry

Keep your people safe

Rely on health screening questionnaires, as well as temperature scanning integrations for your lobby to make sure only healthy people are allowed in. 

Implement touchless check-in flows to reduce the risk of infection. 

And track presences to carry out contact tracing, so you can reach out to anyone who might have been infected. 


These features can be combined at the touch of a button giving you the flexibility to change your flows in line with the latest regulations. 

Planning ahead for the workplace of tomorrow

Learn how to access these features today by contacting, or using the chat on your dashboard if you’re a customer.

If you’re not a customer, book a demo below with one of our experts and prepare the workplace of tomorrow. 

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