Is GSX 2019 this year's Super Bowl for security?

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You can't make this stuff up.

With 20,000+ attendees expected, the Global Security Exchange (GSX)—formerly known as the ASIS International Annual Seminar and Exhibits—is hailed as the Super Bowl for security. I've personally only been to one Super Bowl in my life, but never to GSX.

Granted it's not a competition between two "teams" and there's no celebrity singing the national anthem to kick off the event. But with the timing of this year's event—September 8th-12th—one could say that this trade show is the culmination of one year's worth of change in the world of security.

Just look at the stats from last year's registration and post-show survey:


In fact, last year's event was held in Las Vegas to commemorate the re-branding of it all. This year, the venue is Chicago. Lots of people still call it the "Windy City."

But I can tell you from experience: Chicago isn't very windy at all

And Team Proxyclick is ready to confirm this fact once we're back from #GSX19.

Team_Proxyclick_GSX-1You'll be able to find us where all the action is happening toward the back of the hall on the right.

(Sidenote: For a pass to the expo, use our promo code EV524 and register. Or just reach out to us and we can help facilitate that!)

Proxyclick at GSX 2019

We have lots to talk to you about, both lightheartedly and on more serious notes.

Because the reality is, the security and compliance implications surrounding your organization's visitor management can't be ignored.

Proptech for commercial real estate goes beyond lending apps. Integrating smart technologies is the future of facilities management. The good news is that it's not too late to become an early adopter.

It's one of the primary reasons why we'll be at GSX this year. An enterprise visitor management system is no longer just a nice-to-have, but now a must-have.

There are some clear use cases where everyone can agree that facial recognition is extraordinarily useful technology. You can use it as access control in a security context...

— Donald Zoufal, Founder and CEO of Crowz Nest Consulting and ASIS International Security Applied Sciences Council chair, in Facial Recognition: Balancing Privacy and Security

We agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Zoufal when it comes to appropriate use of facial recognition in identity verification. Granting access is just as important as denying it in this day and age.

And we look forward to hearing more of Zoufal's thoughts during his panel discussion at GSX

What else to expect from GSX this year

This year's event promises to be even more dynamic and interactive than last year's, and includes:

  • Disruption District: A true meeting of the minds behind disruptive new technologies including such stages as the Startup Sector, Pitch Competition, and the D3 (Drones, Droids, and Defense)
  • Game Changer Sessions: Where industry thought leaders cover controversial topics in both short term and long term perspectives
  • Sharpshooter Contest: Yes. Rivaling IFSEC'Ss "Attack Zone," GSX has got their own hands-on simulation program. The admission fee to play along is donated to the ASIS Foundation which awards research grants and more than 120 certification scholarships, annually. 
  • Women in Security & Young Professionals Happy Hour: It takes place on Tuesday, 10 September at 5:30pm. Because, let's be honest, networking is crucial when you're a woman trying to make it in an industry as tight as security and technology.
  • Proxyclick Select Dinner: We'll be hosting a private dinner for a select few guests. If you believe you made the list but haven't received your invite, then please let us know!
  • Red Cross Blood Drive: Attendees who are up for donating blood during the event can do so by signing up and using the sponsor code "GSX."

We're currently drawing straws here at Proxyclick to see who will be giving blood next month. It's so great to see fresh experiences in the making.

We hope to see you there so we can experience it together!




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