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As we head into the last quarter of the year, the autumn leaves are falling into heaps of changing colors around us. One look out the window reveals our friends and neighbors doing their fall cleaning in preparation for winter.

At Proxyclick, we also acknowledge thankfully the abundance of customer feedback we've received through the year so far. 

So we're happy to report that we're rolling out three new features to kick off this quarter: 

  1. Search function and custom text for multi-tenant welcome screens
  2. Pop-up notifications in the Dashboard for watchlist alerts 
  3. Single Sign-On on the Proxyclick Outlook Add-in


Because we take every opportunity to take into account your wants and needs, and do our best to deliver on requests by adding our Proxyclick roadmap. And we hope these kinds of conversations never end.

Now let's get to the exciting stuff. 

Multi-tenant search field

If you're already using our multi-tenant/multi-company platform, then we have some welcome news for you:

The news comes in two parts:

  1. Now it's possible to customize the text at the top of the welcome screen. (Keep in mind the language selector is on the  tenant/location level only, however, you can now edit your welcome message.)
  2. There is now a search function on the welcome screen when you have 9+ companies to list. Partial or whole company names can be entered in the search field.


If you need more details on either of the changes, then please click here for more help.

Logbook alerts for watchlist matches

As you may already be aware, Proxyclick is all about the visitor experience. We believe that welcoming your visitor into your space means keeping unwanted people out.

Currently, both the internal watchlists and external watchlists features are meant to do just that. When there's a match between a visitor and one of the records on your watchlist, an email and text message are sent discreetly to your security staff.

watch_list_alert_blogBut sometimes these messages can get overlooked during peak times.

So we're happy to report that there is now a watchlist alert in the Dashboard. Whether you have Proxyclick implemented in one or more locations, you'll receive logbook alerts that can't be missed:

Watchlist_AlertNote: This is not an automatic opt-in, so you'll have to click on Dashboard notifications and turn it on. (More here)

Outlook Add-in SSO

More good news: The ability to log in using Single Sign-On on the Proxyclick Outlook Add-in is now live! :tada:
This is especially good news for those of you who'd prefer not to have to share credentials internally.

This now allows for better security and usability and works both on Office 365 Online and Outlook desktop. (Read more about it)

Heading into the last quarter of 2019

Although we're all nearing the end of the year, we're by no means close to done here at Proxyclick. Thank you for never holding back and voicing your needs and wish list items for our product roadmap!

It keeps us motivated and helps us pursue continued innovation for the purposes of providing you a more robust visitor management system year over academic year. 

Happy back to school season and start to the last quarter of 2019!






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