CoreNet Global Summit 2019 is set to answer some big questions

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On October 20th, 21st, and 22nd, the Proxyclick team will be heading to the Anaheim Convention Center in California. We're psyched to meet you at Booth #437 at CoreNet Global Summit 2019.

Join us in the beautiful Orange County as we explore some of the biggest and pressing questions being asked the corporate real estate space!

"Experience matters. It's not just business. It's personal."— CoreNet Global

We agree that experience matters. And by elevating the visitor experience, we can enable business success in corporate real estate.

It's exactly why we'll be in Anaheim in just a few weeks.Proxyclick_at_CorenetAnd do you know what Dorian, Gregory, JP, and I are most looking forward to?

Firing up conversations around the role that visitor management system can play in "leading, creating, and fostering experiences" for visitors and contractors.

This holds true in particular for multi-tenant properties and services of today, and tomorrow.. 

So let's take a closer look at some of the questions to be answered at #CGS2019...

Q1: How do you create a successful activity-based workplace?

At this year’s Summit, you’ll be able to take away useful knowledge and information from various ‘Learning Experiences." 

These experiences will come by way of keynote sessions focused on important topics in the corporate real estate industry.

Some of the speakers on the agenda include: 


They're among the 200 speakers who will be sharing their knowledge and experience in all areas of corporate real estate and built environment.



At Proxyclick, we strive to keep our own workplace activity-based. We even have our own #FunTeam.

We'd be happy to tell you more about it when you swing by our booth!

Q2: What does multi-tenancy have to do with commercial real estate?

Property management and service offerings for multi-tenant properties go hand-in-hand for success in the long run.

multi-tenant_2Enhancing your multi-tenant lobby experience is key for everyone involved. Property managers, asset teams, tenants, and visitors alike, can benefit from an easy-to-use and centralized visitor management solution like Proxyclick.

In fact, The Edge, a multi-tenant office building in Amsterdam, was lauded with CoreNet Global's Sustainable Leadership Award in 2015.

Our team will be poised and ready to discuss ways you can optimize your resources:

  • Providing a global welcome to your visitors in 30+ languages, and a Dashboard available to you in 10+ languages
  • Using real-time analytics and reporting to make data-driven decisions
  • Access to a training portal tailored to your organizational needs
  • Integrations for your unique lobby and sign-in processes

After all, it's all about the visitor experience!

Q3: How can ‘going digital’ help commercial real estate?

Digital tools have been making things more efficient and streamlined in various industries for years now, including commercial real estate. Technology is an enabler, and not a replacement for commercial real estate professionals.

Proxyclick knows that full well, and as a matter of fact, we’ll be setting up at booth #437, where you can get the chance to win an Apple iPad Air (64Gb) as a gift from an organized lottery!

The iPad comes pre-installed with Proxyclick.

So be sure to stop by to see how everything works first-hand. We'd love to flex our demoing skills! 

Q4: What’s in the future for commercial real estate?

Commercial real estate's evolved to way more than it once was.

So how do we adjust the environment for more intuitive, more efficient processes? What do we want to achieve with all these innovations? And how can we move past the traditional?

To answer these questions, and more, the Summit's got something planned called Future Sessions. You'll be able to get some answers from the very best, including:


Sidenote: Mike Petrusky also happens to host a celebrated podcast, and is known to throw down during his webinar intermissions with one mean "webinar karaoke" party. His energy levels are contagious, to say the least!

What else to expect at CoreNet Global Summit #CNGOC

Team Proxyclick has been told to look out for the Wellness Challenge.

It will feature a special circuit training course designed exclusively for Summit attendees. The course will have exercises ranging from cardio, weights, mobility, and balance.

Will you be there to challenge us to a cardio duel? We're up to the task.

Or, you can take quick sprint over to our booth and call it a fit day. If you'd like to come by at a specific time, then just reach out and we'll make it happen.

And be sure to follow Team Proxyclick and the #CNGOC hashtag on Twitter.

See you in Anaheim!


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