See you in Phoenix for IFMA's World Workplace 2019

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In just a few short weeks, our team will be headed to sunny Phoenix, Arizona, to meet a whole new network of facility-minded professionals at IFMA’s World Workplace 2019.

We'll be at booth #1410, and promise to have this video on loop the whole time:

IFMA, short for the International Facility Management Association has been holding the largest and longest-running event series for facility management and workplace professionals for years—the World Workplace Conference and Expo.

It's been touted as the place:

"...for learning, for networking, and for growing your career and your credentials."

And this year, we'll be at the U.S. flagship event from October 16th--18th.

Be sure chat us up: Me (Dorian), Emily, David, or Nathalie!


Knowing that 4,000+ FM professionals attended last year’s World Workplace 2018, we're more than ready to fire up conversations around enterprise visitor management security.


We've also got some real-life stories and good knock-knock jokes to tell, so don't hesitate to get personal with us!

The goal of World Workplace

Let's be honest. Facility management isn’t just about managing a building. It goes well beyond that...encompassing other industries and niches as well. 


World Workplace is not about just solving problems and answering questions specific to FM, but also to further improve workspaces and workplaces as whole. That's why the event organizers always sure to include a good mix of keynote speakers.

This means increasing efficiency in regular work tasks, integrating smart technologies in everyday processes, and honing excellence in each and every employee, among other things.

Proxyclick at IFMA’s World Workplace 2019

For our team, there was no question about our participation in this year's World Workplace event.

We'll be right there at our booth #1410 come October 16th, ready to talk about our visitor management system that's built for the best of breed needs of your enterprise.

Here are just some of the conversations we plan to have with you: 

  • All this access control and security: And how you can secure your premises better with our access control integrations and compliance strategies.
  • Being tenant-centric in a multi-tenant world: And how you can easily manage your multiple tenant properties with our dedicated support and robust platform.
  • The Integrated Visitor Experience: With an introduction to the many benefits of integrating the most powerful tools and apps for your VIP visitors. 

Speaking of the integrated visitor experience...

Incidentally, but not coincidentally, our booth will be right next to that of Mapwize, just one of our prized partners at Proxyclick.

Mapwize is an innovative indoor mapping solution that, once integrated with Proxyclick, will help enhance the visitor experience. It's all about making things as fast and easy as possible for our fellow business professionals.


This partnership improves the visitor journey from start to finish by helping your visitors find their way from the parking lot to reception (or from reception to the conference room), etc.

Routes can also be adapted for reduced mobility users. Future-proofing your workspace and workflow is just at your fingertips

So come by and learn more about how you can combine the best of our two worlds!

Sharing the spotlight at Workplace Evolutionaries 

Yes, you read that right.

IFMA's Workplace Evolutionaries group is clear about "Changing the world, one workplace at a time."

Revolutionary, isn't it? Well, that's what it takes to be a part of the evolution and transformation of workplaces for the future of work.

That's why we're thrilled to announce that our very own Emily Thrasher will be speaking at a Workplace Evolutionaries session on October 18th at 11:45am



She'll touch on these specific points:

  • how to identify specific organizational needs for integrated visitor experience technology
  • how to streamline organizational processes using automated technologies
  • how to strike the balance between tasks that should remain with people, the lifeblood of all organizations, and tasks that can be automated

Be sure to catch her tips on how to deliver a step-change in innovative workplace technology by designing for people and not for mere "users."

She'll also tackle a somewhat "touchy" subject: How to use assertiveness with suppliers in order to achieve the optimal solution for each company.

Couldn't we all use a lesson on assertiveness in business?

What else to expect from World Workplace 2019:

  • How Winning Works: The event will officially open up with a keynote from two-time Guinness World Record holder Robyn Benincasa, who's a former corporate sales expert now full-time firefighter. 
  • Facility Tours: Learn some of the best tips and tricks on how to build and maintain the perfect facility space for a workplace environment that promotes efficiency, quality, and excellence.
  • Education Arenas: To be held in three classrooms in the expo hall. Some of the topics that will be covered include revolutionizing space planning with Artificial Intelligence, transforming workplaces with key trends, and enticing the new generation with the future of facility management.
  • Student and Young Professional Reception: Students and young professionals will be able to connect and engage with people their age.
  • IFMA’s Awards of Excellence Luncheon: Taking place on the final day of the event, the Excellence Luncheon celebrates various achievements of IFMA this year. The awards will be followed by the closing keynote from Peter Hinssen, co-founder and partner at nexxworks. 

Excited for this year’s biggest event for facility management yet? 

We are, and we'll be tweeting about it.

So be sure to follow the hashtags #WWPHX19 and #WorldWorkplace!

And we hope to see you at IFMA’s World Workplace 2019!


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