The story behind Proxyclick’s new identity: connect with confidence

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Time for a confession: going to business meetings used to be a stressful activity for me.

I can’t remember the number of times I had to search for the exact address when planning my trip or had to boot up my computer at the front desk to find the name of my host  to give to the receptionist.

Often, the receptionist could not reach my host via phone as additional minutes passed.

When my badge was finally printed out, I hoped that this time my name was spelled correctly. I have had badges with my last name spelled Blondeaux, Blondiau or even Bin London!

I even tried a small ‘experiment’ one day: I checked in under the name James Bond on the antiquated paper logbook, nobody noticed :-)


Unnecessary stress

Connecting with new people and businesses is one of my favorite things in the world.

However, before business meetings had actually started, I’d find myself standing in a beautiful lobby waiting for my host to pick me up, feeling somewhat stressed by the whole (lack of) experience.

As I later found out, similar tensions were experienced by security officers, personal assistants, hosts or receptionists (aka Front Desk Heroes).

There were frictions all through the process which we decided to tackle


Fast Forward to 2016

As our business grew, the number of visitors that checked in with Proxyclick naturally grew too. Millions of visitors have checked into buildings in thousands of cities around the world.

blog-connect-with-confidence-map-proxyclick-locations.pngOn the day I am writing this post, we had users in 1983 cities


Looking at our user map, we realized that all those small positive moments shared between people and spread all over the world, gives us the opportunity to create something really meaningful.


Time for soul-searching

This awareness of our expanding impact has been empowering and humbling at the same time.

We realized some serious soul-searching was needed. So with the help of brand specialist Geri Jacobs we went through a series of team gatherings to dig deeper into our gut-feeling.


Geoffroy during one of our brand exercises


We asked ourselves: What aspect of Proxyclick do we most care about? Who are we? Who do we want to be? What do we stand for? And why are we doing what we are doing?


Phrases like “being the quiet hero in the background”, “removing stress” and “connecting people” came up in our conversations.

We knew that our original identity didn’t reflect our vision anymore.

Our new identity: connect with confidence

We are excited that our identity is now aligned with what we believe in.

Our aim is to optimize the millions of connections people are making every day in the corporate world. After all, business meetings are people meetings too.

This is what our kiosk, automatic notifications, invitation emails are all about: leveraging technology to ultimately make it invisible so that people can focus on connecting with each other, rather than be stressed during the process.

It also helps everyone involved create a great first impression, build more personal relationships and have better, more productive meetings.

Summarized in 3 words: Connect with Confidence.

We’re making the world a more positive place, one meeting at a time.


New identity, new logo, new website

With a new identity comes a new logo and a new website. Our logo designer learned about our identity and came up first with an image of the visitor:



He then drew the host expecting a visitor....



...and made host and visitor meet on paper:

Connect with Confidence.png


Finally he integrated this ‘X’ into our new logo, which we are very proud to introduce today:



The timing is right, this move to a new brand identity feels like the next natural step in our Proxyclick journey.

Together with our continuously growing and loyal client base, we are looking forward to continue creating positive connections, far away from all the stress we all used to experience going to business meetings.

 Proxyclick Summary-green.png

What happens next?

Over the next few weeks you will see the roll-out of the new brand identity across our website, tools and in our communications.

We welcome any feedback as we are, of course very curious of what you think about our new brand identity.


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