Web-based check-in and booking for employees

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Different people do things differently. 

And with many returning to the workplace, we want to make sure they do it their way. 

  • Not everyone uses apps, which is why employees can now book their presence in the workplace ahead of time, and check-in and out, using Proovr web-based booking

    That means they don't have to install an app, and can do everything from a browser. For example, they might decide to book the day they are coming in using their desktop computer, and then use the browser on their phone to scan the QR code on the kiosk and check in.   

    They can also mix and match. Want to book using your browser and check-in with your app? That's possible too.  And that's really the goal here: let your employees check-in and book their presence however works for them

    Users with the relevant rights can also use the browser to access the emergency list. 

  • We've also made it much easier to respect your visitor's data privacy.  
    You can now set a custom retention period for visitor profiles, so there's no need to search your address book for a specific profile and delete their data. 

    This will not only save time but also ensure no one forgets to delete anything. 

See them in action!


You can access these features today and if you have any questions use the Chat on your Proxyclick dashboard. 




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